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Not sure you can do it?

You can. We all have setbacks - some more than others.  It's time to transform your self-care, so that you can find yourself in nature and re-discover the things that make you feel ALIVE.

Live with vitality.

It's something we all strive to do. But how? It's called the THINK OUTSIDE method. Get inspired and use nature as a way to set goals, relieve stress, give back, and have fun. Enjoy being part of a community that will help you heal and get the most out of life.

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Get a monthly prescription for nature and adventure that gets you on the path to truly living, despite your energy levels. Plus, enjoy a selection of podcasts, inspiration, blogs, and ideas to help you Think Outside.


In Nature

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From your couch to the coast, over 400 studies show that nature heals. Prescribe yourself a dose of nature and discover simple steps to self-care.  Find your motivation and reach your goals one baby-step at a time. 


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You want to fill your soul and truly live? This is the place to do it. From literary escapes to weekend staycations, here is where you get to go and play.


Give Back

Do you wish you could do more?  So do I. Check out the projects I'm passionate about.

The Boob

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My hubby Mike and I discuss our ongoing breast cancer experience - from diagnosis to what life is like 365 Days Later.  

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Think updates, adventures, rebellion, poetry, random thoughts, healing, survivorship, laughs, living, ridiculousness, and views from my couch. 

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