You've finished breast cancer treatment. Now what?

Quote: "I want to live life to the fullest, but my bones hurt, my muscles ache and I'm so tired."

Side effects

have made you achy, tired and weak.

Quote: "My anxiety is off the charts and I feel stuck, maybe even a bit depressed."

Your mental health

has been effected.

Quote: "I'm just not back to normal yet. Will I ever be? Is this my new normal?"

"Normal life"

has no clear meaning or direction.

There's a better way to recover from breast cancer.

Get the resources you need post treatment.

Feel strong, alive and clear about your healing.

Change your life from surviving the medical world to thriving in the natural world.

Welcome to Think Outside (the boob).

Online coaching for women who want to connect to nature, make life an adventure and heal after breast cancer.

Outside on a wooden dock, taking in the sunlit views of water, grasses, trees, mountains and clouds.

Over 400 studies show that nature is healing.

Doctors now prescribe nature in free, easy, effective dosages.


It's been proven that nature has positive effects on your physical and mental health. 

Nature relieves your side effects and brings you back to life.

Woman sitting, meditating and healing in the forest and in nature.

Make breast cancer recovery a way to get what you want out of life.

You want... to reduce side effects.

You want... to build strength and stamina.

You want... a clear plan to heal and rediscover yourself.

You want... to be inspired by nature and have an adventure.

You want... to live life to its fullest.

Women healing together, feeling empowered and holding hands up in the air at sunset.

You can have the support you're seeking, and I can provide it to you:

Step by step, so you always know what to do next.

At your own pace and your own place.

Using a tried and tested framework.

Based on my years of studying nature, educating, and my own breast cancer recoveries.

Hi, I'm Christi.

Geographer, educator and 3x breast cancer survivor.

Each breast cancer diagnosis required different treatment, and  each treatment had different side effects, but there was one common theme through my recoveries: 

Nature was my inspiration.

I used my science background to figure out what worked and coached myself all the way through each recovery using nature as a backdrop.

A self portrait of Christi Nelson

I used my breast cancer recovery to:

  • Put an end to things that no longer served me

  • Reconnect to myself, others and the world around me 

  • Discover new happy places, new confidence and new passions

  • Shape the rest of my life for the better

Now it's my mission to help you do the same.

Woman in a pink raft floating on the ocean. Looks like a nipple.

Think Outside (The Boob)

Think Outside (The Boob)

Think Outside (The Boob)

Get a roadmap to recovery with

Think Outside (the boob):

A Breast Cancer Recovery Program.

Ocean waves crashing on the sand and rocks.

Think Outside In Nature

Think Outside (The Boob)

Think Outside (The Boob)

Learn how nature heals from the inside out.

Add nature to your breast cancer recovery, despite low energy levels.

Map, camera, compass, journal and pen to plan a travel adventure.

Think Outside Adventures

Think Outside (The Boob)

Think Outside Adventures

Just add nature and life becomes a healing adventure.

Get ideas to create the perfect day, staycation, or vacation.

THINK OUTSIDE (the boob)

The San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond