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Discover New Abilities

Get Back Into Nature

Make Life An Adventure

Not sure you can do it?

You can. As breast cancer survivors, we have had some major setbacks and have been through a lot.  It's time to transform our self-care, so that we can be near nature, tap our sense of wonder and enjoy the things that make us feel ALIVE.

But how?

It's called the Think Outside program.  Get inspired and use nature and adventure as a way to set goals, relieve stress, give back and have fun!

Think Outside is a supplemental breast cancer survivorship program designed to help us:

Build strength and spirit

Re-discover ourselves

Do the things we've been wanting to do for so long!

It starts here.

Enjoy being part of a community that helps each other heal and get the most out of life!

Learn how to:

Think Outside the Boob and create a Surivorship Plan

Think Outside In Nature and understand how nature is healing from the inside out

Think Outside Adventures and use the Adventure Equation to create a plan and live life to the fullest

Think Outside Ourselves and give back to a community we care about

Let's get on the path to truly living, despite our energy levels. Enjoy a selection of podcasts, inspiration, blogs, and ideas to help you Think Outside.


The Boob


It's time to start living with vitality! Check out the Think Outside survivorship program.  Explore ways to re-build and re-discover yourself. Create a plan to achieve your goals using nature as inspiration and adventure as motivation. And don't forget the awesome rewards!

In Nature


From the couch to the coast, over 400 studies show that nature is healing. Learn how adding nature into our lives inspires us and helps us rebuild strength and spirit.



Coming Soon!

This is the place where we get to put our plans into action and have fun. From diving into a good book to getting away and exploring, get ideas to go and play!



Do you wish you could do more and give back? So do I. Check out the projects I'm passionate about.

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