Get Back To Nature

Make Life An Adventure

Quit Surviving And Start Living!

You can do this.

You can.

As breast cancer survivors, we've had some major setbacks and have been through so much trauma. We feel broken, exhausted, confused and shaken.

But it doesn't have to stay that way. We can rebuild into stronger, wiser, capable, hopeful versions of ourselves.

It's time to transform our self-care from surviving the medical world to thriving in the natural world!

We'll learn to balance one hand on our health and the other on our lives.

Here's how.

We'll use nature as a way to create mini adventures and help us get on the healing path. 

Need help getting back to life post treatment?

Want to learn how to maintain stamina while trying to heal and live life?

Looking for a breast cancer survivorship program that helps us

  • Get inspired

  • Set reasonable goals

  • Relieve stress

  • Build strength

  • Lift spirits

  • Discover ourselves

  • Go play?

You've found it. Get started here.

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The Boob


Think Outside The Boob and create the ultimate survivorship plan.

Lets explore ways to re-build and re-discover ourselves in a fun, rewarding, doable way. 

Learn to set and achieve goals using nature and adventure as inspiration.

In Nature


Think Outside In Nature and understand how nature is healing from the inside out.

From the couch to the coast, over 400 studies show that nature heals. 

Get ideas to Just Add Nature, despite low energy levels.



Think Outside Adventures and use the Adventure Equation to create the perfect day, staycation, or vacation.

This is the place where we get to put our survivorship plans into action and reward ourselves.



Think Outside Ourselves and give back to a community we care about.


The San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond