It's Been A Bumpy Road..


5 years ago on my 40th birthday, I was told that I had breast cancer. Since then, I've tread through some murky waters navigating treatments, surgeries, recurrence and long term side effects. My docs told me that I had to think of myself as having a chronic illness. I'll be living with this for a long time. 

That Was My Wake Up Call

I came up with a plan (a lot of little plans, actually) to live my life to the fullest. I wasn't just going to survive each day, I was gonna thrive doing things I loved.

So, I wrote myself 2 prescriptions:

Get Back Into Nature

Make Life An Adventure

Fast Forward to Today

My energy and endurance have increased, my muscle mass has doubled, my stress levels are cut in half, and  - wait for it - even the brain fog has slightly cleared.

Oh yeah, I totally have my down days.  The chronic fatigue, chemo brain, achy bones, all the side effects - they get to me.

And my 2 prescriptions still apply. 

Think what YOU could do, if you gave yourself a dose of nature and adventure!

Coming Soon - Get A Dose of Nature and Adventure!

Get my 2 prescriptions straight to your inbox. Get Back Into Nature and Make Life an Adventure with a simple guide.

From Stepping Stones to Milestones


Think about the things you love. You know, those moments that put a smile on your face. 

Maybe you love the ocean, the mountains or the forest. Maybe you can't get enough of your furry friends. Are you a foodie who loves to go from farm (or garden) to table? How does digging your nose into a good book with your window open sound?

Maybe scents, sounds and color pallets are your thing. Or maybe dancing under the starry skies are more like you?  How does yoga with a dose of mindfulness sound? Snow angels, anyone?

Let's put our ideas to use and create an adventure that motivates. Whether suffering from a chronic illness, or just finally need to feel alive, we can build strength and spirit, and find adventure together one step at a time!

Christi Nelson


As a geographer, I get excited about about maps and apps and all things earthy. I go thru withdrawls if I spend too much time away from the ocean. I live for the marine layer of salty air in the mornings and the glow of the sunset in the evenings. Hiking is my excuse to go on another adventure. I love to pet my kitty and laugh with my family, read books and listen to music. The windows are always open in my house.

As a mortal human being, I need rewards to stay motivated. Double win if I get to be where I love AND get a prize, so I set goals that give me both.

Think VIP walking club, trails challenges, seal rescue, Miles4Metavivor, 1in8 Ride, writing and podcasting...

I reward myself for small achievements, and each small step eventually leads to completing a major goal. 

The catch? A natural setting improves quality of life. It has to be a part of my plan to - THINK OUTSIDE.

More About Christi

Coming Soon - Get A Dose of Nature and Adventure!

Get my 2 prescriptions straight to your inbox. . Get back into nature and make life an adventure with a simple guide.

THINK OUTSIDE (the boob)

San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States