Think Outside Adventures


"But those mountains, that's where I truly live" ~ Jimmy Chin

How Do We Make the Most of Our Time Before it Runs Out?

We survivors have had mortality thrown in our faces and we know that every moment counts. We wanna get back out there and live life to its fullest!

At the same time, we're healing and rebuilding. We have limitations.

So how do we do this?

Make Life An Adventure

First off, the quote "make life an adventure" needs to be added to ALL survivorship plans! 

Second, bookmark this page and visit often to browse the Adventure Log. That's where to get adventure ideas for every step of healing.

Third, use The Adventure Equation to help turn survivorship goals into fun, successful experiences.

Making life an adventure is the motivation and the reward for all the hard work we're doing!

The Adventure Equation

Survivorship Goals + Nature = Adventure

The Think Outside Program and sound medical advice will give us what we need to start a survivorship plan, set goals and begin a healing process.  

No matter what part of survivorship we are experiencing, The Adventure Equation will help us create a plan to re-build inside and out, re-discover our abilities and live life to its fullest.

Shhh.. Here's the Secret.. Just Add Nature

Let's say my doc tells me I need to focus on reducing inflammation to help relieve my achy joints. So, I decide to focus on nutrition and walking. I want to put the good stuff into my body and sweat the bad stuff out, all while building strength and energy and lowering inflammation. These are my Survivorship Goals.

Now I get to add some Nature - a cookbook with amazing food photography, fresh veggies from the garden or grocer, and a weekly walk thru the farmers market. 

Whoa! This actually sounds fun. Adding nature to my goals automatically creates an Adventure thru my favorite cookbook, into my garden and out to the farmers market!

The Adventure Equation makes it easy to make life an adventure.

Browse Through the Adventure Log

Discover ways to make survivorship and life an incredible venture. Travel inward, outside and away to exciting places, all while rebuilding strength and spirit and discovering new things to try. Each log uses the Adventure Equation - the formula for turning a survivorship plan into a fun, successful adventure!

Inside and Out


Maybe its time to travel inward and heal from the inside out - or maybe the garden, or a favorite recipe have been calling.

A Gem of a Day


Pick a perfect day to get away and have fun, or accept a challenge and choose a day to work toward a goal. 

Stay or Get Away


Stay home and relax or head out overnight to an exciting new spot. Dive deep into good book and turn it into a literary escape. Plan a staycation that incorporates goals and feels like a reward.

Go On Vacay


The ultimate motivation and reward is planning and going on a vacation! Use newly discovered strengths, interests and abilities to have an incredible adventure!