Over 400 Studies Show That Nature Is Healing

It doesn't matter if we're looking out the kitchen window at our garden, or if we're body surfing 6-foot waves in the ocean.

Science has now caught up with what we already knew: time focused on nature has positive effects on our physical and mental well being.

Let's take advantage of its therapeutic properties and rebuild our strength and spirit by adding nature back into our lives!

Inside or Outside?


We can get back into nature and use it as our inspiration. But - get this - it doesn't always have to be outside.

Connecting to nature can happen in the kitchen, on the couch, and with our pets. It can happen with natural scenery, colors, spices, scents and sounds.

And, of course, connecting to nature can be getting out into the the thick of it - breathing the fresh air, building a snowman, feeling the wind on your face, walking a path, smelling the salt near the ocean and the pine in the forest.

The point is, we get to decide what inspires us each day, and the ways we can use nature to do this are endless.

High Energy or Low Energy?


We never know what each day will bring.  Sometimes we wake up tired and feel like all we can do is lay back down.

Other days we're wide awake and ready to conquer the world. Its difficult to make a plan and stick to it when our energy levels are inconsistent.

Good news! Studies show that time with nature improves mood and increases energy and clarity.

Even better, we can surround ourselves with nature despite our energy levels.

Just Add Nature

Use the Think Outside Program!

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Let's use the Think Outside Program to

Get Back Into Nature and Make Life An Adventure.

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