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Hey there, Superstar!

Welcome to Think Outside (the boob)!

I'm so happy for you to get on the healing path after breast cancer. Congrats on starting your recovery!

Whether you’re a nerd like me, new to nature, or someone who wants to bump up your recovery plan post treatment, Think Outside (the boob) has got you covered.

Aren't you tired of feeling like life after breast cancer is just surviving and not truly living?

If you knew that adding nature into your life would relieve side effects and improve your mental and physical health wouldn't you add it?

Well okay then! Use nature as a backdrop while you heal and you'll be on your way to recovery. Here's how:

Try these 5 things to get started on your healing path post treatment:

1. Download your Just Add Nature Idea Guide complete with tips, resources, a short-list and activities. Take this week to read through your guide, then..

2. Write down 4 activities from the Nature Idea Guide you'd like to try, pick a date for the ones you wanna try first and mark your calendar.

3. Create a Survivorship Journal. Write down the activities you've chosen and any dates. Write down why you've chosen them and what you hope to get out of trying each one.

Write down any questions or concerns you may have about doing certain activities and discuss them with your doctor.

Write down how you might communicate with family and friends that yes, these are fun things to do and they're super important parts of your recovery.

4. Reflect on your experiences afterwards. Notice what worked and what didn't and write it down. Maybe you didn't get to some of the things on your list. Maybe you didn't like some of them. That's okay!

This is a trial and error period. It's a time of discovery and experimenting. Remember, it's a marathon, not a race. Go easy on yourself and move forward.

5. Monitor your progress. Refer back to your journal every few weeks to look how far you've come after breast cancer and see all the progress you've made in your recovery. Write down your thoughts about your small wins and pat yourself on the back.

Don't forget to go back to the Nature Idea Guide and write down what you'd like to try next!


Follow along on Instagram, where I’ll be posting photos, stories and tips. Make sure to share your photos with me and fellow breast cancer survivors using the #thinkoutsidetheboob hashtag - the community spirit will fuel your success.

Share this Nature Idea Guide with your fellow breasties. Getting a personal squad together will make you even more successful. Have your girls subscribe here.

Remember to Go Easy on Yourself

Whether you try a new idea once a week or once a month, just commit as best you can. I promise that if you show up, take care of yourself and use nature as a backdrop you're going to start noticing a new outlook on life!