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Hey there, supergirl!

Welcome to Think Outside (the boob)!

Whether you’re new to nature or someone who wants to bump up their survivorship plan, the Just Add Nature Idea Guide has got you covered.  Our goal is to get on the path toward

  • Connecting to nature and learning why its so dang healing for us

  • Discovering quick new ways to have an adventure, regardless of our energy levels  

  • Creating a FUN survivorship plan that motivates, inspires and rewards us.

Aren't you tired of feeling like survivorship is just surviving and not truly living?

If you knew that adding nature back into your life would make all the difference, wouldn't you add it?

Well okay then! Let's use nature's medicine as a way to help us heal and get back out there.

Try these 4 things to get started:

  • Download your Just Add Nature Idea Guide here complete with tips, resources and activities. Take this week to read through your short guide, write down 4 activities you'd like to try, pick a date for the one you wanna try first, and mark your calendar.     

  • If you like to write or reflect, create a Survivorship Journal. This is where you can write down any goals you're trying to meet and how you might use the Nature Idea List to help. You can plan ahead and address any questions or concerns you may have about  limitations. Reflect on your experiences afterwards. This is a time of discovery and experimenting. Notice what worked, go easy on yourself and move forward.

  • Follow along on social media. I’ll be posting photos, stories and tips on Instagram. Make sure to share your photos with me and fellow breast cancer survivors using the #justaddnature hashtag - the community spirit will fuel your success.   

  • Share this Nature Idea Guide with your fellow breasties. Getting a personal squad together will make you even more successful. Have your girls subscribe here.

Whether you join in once a week or once a month, just commit as best you can. I promise that if you show up and take care of yourself and Just Add Nature you're going to start noticing new outlook on life!