Think Outside The Boob


365 Days Later Podcast - Our Path Through Breast Cancer

These are honest conversations between wife and husband, survivor and co-survivor. Mike and I talk about what we've been through and how we dealt with breast cancer 365 Days Later.

We wanted to document our experiences and help others realize that they were not alone in theirs. Please share these with your friends, family, caregivers, medical staff or anyone who might benefit from listening.

Episode 1 - Happy 40th birthday, you have cancer

Christi’s first mammogram equals diagnosis

  • The whirlwind
  • Internet overwhelm
  • Why me?
  • Dad’s advice
  • In sickness and in health
  • Letting people help


Episode 2 - Telling our kids

Cancer treatment plans and questions

  • Christi's surgeon
  • Christi's cancer type
  • Pre-chemotherapy math
  • Things are out of our hands
  • Aliens!?


Episode 3 - Shaving Christi's head

Chemotherapy reality and denial

  • What the heck is a port
  • Chemo school and major takeaways
  • Christi’s hair pride
  • Hair loss denial
  • Wig panic


Episode 4 - Dealing with the boys' school

Growing a support community

  • Our holiday trip to the ER
  • Helpful support websites
  • Chemo treatment #1
  • Christi finds a "boobie buddy"


Episode 5 - Journaling

Inside the breast cancer journal:

  • Cancer poems
  • Importance of a "boobie buddy"
  • Chemo 1-2-3
  • Emergency room re-visited


Episode 6 - Stressful choices and tips

Breast cancer surgery

  • Lumpectomy
  • Single vs. double mastectomy
  • C-DIFF complication
  • BRCA gene testing helps 
  • Guided meditation
  • Pharmacy tips


Episode 7 - Survival

Chemo and C-Diff lead to:

  • ER visit #2
  • Thoughts of death
  • Chicken broth
  • Fecal transplants
  • Chemo treatment #6 cancelled!
  • Mastectomy surgery 


Episode 8 - Surgery stories

Happy Valentine's Day

  • Radical modified mastectomy surgery
  • Plastic surgeon story
  • Waking up without a boob
  • C-DIFF again
  • Fecal transplant is a "go"
  • Christi becomes a movie star


Episode 9 - Time to heal

A new perspective on life

  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Port removal
  • Oncology nutritionist
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Seeing a therapist
  • Gratitude


Episode 10 - The merging of 2 worlds

Moving on from cancer, or not?

  • Surgical vests
  • Life as a survivor
  • The difference between chemo and radiation
  • Radiation what to expect
  • Christi’s hair is growing back
  • Relay for Life


Episode 11 - Recurrence

Be your own advocate

  • Tamoxifen side effects
  • PET scans save lives
  • Micro-biopsy
  • Chemo -1-2-3 (again)
  • Cyber knife and "lazers"
  • Dealing with the reaper


Episode 12 - Is the chemo working?

ER and hospital stay tips

  • Follow up PET scan
  • Healers who shop hospitals
  • No food for you, Christi
  • Code blue
  • Brain scan, oh my!
  • Is it Pitball, or Pitbull?


Episode 13 - What it all feels like


  • Crying in Safeway
  • What it's like to get a brain MRI
  • Glowing bones and swollen spleens
  • Cancer and birthdays
  • Summer cancer vs. winter cancer
  • Random chemo hack  


Episode 14 - No hair forever?

Dealing with the fear of recurrence

  • Cancer free and "cured"?
  • Managing health
  • Isolation, anxiety and fear
  • Side effects
  • Chemo Toe Joe


Episode 15 - Ongoing recovery and healing

Focus on the moment and minimize fear

  • Mike's 1 in 8 Ride and The Boob Project
  • Plan the day and identify spots of energy
  • Stay educated on your treatment options
  • Lupron and Zoladex
  • Lymphedema and osteopenia
  • Join the Silver Sneakers?