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Breast Cancer Survivorship


Getting back into nature and rebuilding strength and spirit may sound difficult. We've been through a lot and have some serious healing to do!

After 5 years of rebuilding myself after each treatment and using nature as a backdrop, there is finally a method that helps the healing process regardless of ever-changing energy levels.

Whether we have crazy joint pain and can't leave the house, or we feel like we could hike a trail for hours, the Think Outside program helps keep us on track, inspired, accountable and successful.

The Think Outside Program

A Survivorship Program

Curious about how adding natural elements into our lives inspire and build strength both mentally and physically? Want to try new things, discover new abilities and restore a sense of wonder in life? Worried about losing motivation, especially because of limitations?

Check out the Think Outside program. Let's create an easy, attainable plan where we get to have fun! By using the Think Outside program we'll:

Get Back Into Nature and Make Life An Adventure.

Think Outside is a supplemental survivorship program that helps us re-build strength and spirit, re-discover ourselves, achieve our goals and realize our aspirations. It uses nature and adventure as an important parts of healing after treatment. It's meant to compliment a medical rehabilitation or outpatient program, but can definitely be used by itself.

Let's use baby steps that lead toward small milestones. We'll get to explore and discover new things, and celebrate our successes (no matter how small)!

A Personal Program

Think Outside is a personal program. It takes into account our personal interests, passions and energy levels.

In other words, get excited and tell your doctors all about it! Ask about any concerns or limitations to consider. They will be happy to hear that you are building yourself up little by little each day and re-discovering things you love! 

It's Time to Get Started!

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