The Boob

Breast Cancer Survivorship


We've done the chemo, the radiation, the scans, the surgeries. We've been given the all clear status from the doctors and they've told us we're done.

Maybe we don't even have to see the doctor again for another 3 to 6 months.

We did it! We survived. But wait.

What do we do next? We've been through major trauma and still have a lot of healing to do!

Out of multiple recurrences and 5 years of rehab, Think Outside Program was born. It was created to guide breast cancer survivors through the rest of the healing process.

Whether we have crazy joint pain, or we feel like we could hike a mountain,Think Outside Program helps keep us inspired, accountable and successful.

Think Outside Program

Want to try new things, discover new abilities and feel hopeful again?

Wishing there was a plan to guide you through survivorship, even if you need to stay inside?

Worried about limitations?

Curious about how adding nature to the plan heals us both mentally and physically?

Think Outside Program is for you!

think outside is a survivorship program

It Allows Us To..

  • Get back to nature

  • Make life an adventure

  • Explore and discover new things we can do

  • Celebrate our successes (no matter how small)!

Think About The Things You Love


What are the moments that put a smile on your face?

Maybe you love the ocean, the mountains, or starry skies. 

Maybe you can't get enough of your furry friends.

Are you a foodie who loves to go from garden to grill?

Are scents, sounds and color pallets are your thing?

Let's put those passions to use and create a survivorship plan that motivates.

With Think Outside Program, you can build strength and spirit, and find adventure one step at a time.  

Think outside is a personal program

It Considers Our..

  • Personal interests

  • Passions

  • Energy levels

  • Limitations

Sign up below to trailblaze your path to survivorship!